List of 119 Bluechip Stocks in India,2019 Top NSE, BSE Stocks

It buys these businesses basically and then offers the products to the customers. The reasons for investing in this stock can be its increasing profits for the past two quarters or the increase in profit margin. ITC is our tenth pick out of the Top 10 Blue Chip Shares to buy. It is one of India’s largest private sector companies, with a huge market capitalization and yearly turnover.

blue chip stocks list in india

Depending on your investment goals and appetite for risk, you may also want to consider other options, such as exchange traded funds . ETFs are bought and sold on the Indian stock exchanges just like shares, but they allow you to gain exposure to a share index or other group of underlying assets. Blue-chip stocks, also known as large-cap companies, tend to offer secure, stable returns and a minimal level of risk.

This invested money can be both retained earnings and share capital (investors’ money). The investors can be HNIs, FIIs, DIIs, and common shareholders. This helps in proper company analysis and helps you make the right investment decision. The revenue of the company has been increasing over the past four quarters continuously. The company has been witnessing growth in FII/FPI investments over the years. Annual net profits have been increasing over the past two years.

Blue chip companies have survived a number of bear phases, market crises, financial troubles, etc. Most of these companies are listed in the market for a very long time. The current list will present the list of Bluechip companies in India and other important indicators like PE ratio,CMP/BV etc. There are literally thousands of companies listed on exchanges in India but there are few companies which are stable when it comes to finances and other financial aspects. Please provide your consent for transfer of trading account from Reliance Commodities Limited to Reliance Securities Limited to trade in commodities‘.

In the table below you will find important data on Top Mid Cap Companies Share prices, 52-week High and Low, PE ratio, etc. You will also get MoneyWorks4me’s rating on Quality, Valuation, Price Trend and Overall Rating to assist you in taking informed stock investing decisions. At both exchanges, trading is conducted via an open electronic limit order book, in which order matching is performed by the trading computer. As a result, there are no market makers, and the whole process is order-driven, meaning that market orders made by investors are immediately matched with the best limit orders available.

Yet another Oil and gases company in the list, Oil india is a petroleum business with its headquarters in Noida. It is the second largest hydrocarbon explorer among those owned by the government of india. PTC Ltd is a service organisation that was earlier known by the name power trading corporation. They aid with power trading solutions, inter border energy Exchange and advisory services .Their Major vision is to engage a commercially vibrant power industry in India.

We have also evaluated the return of the stocks provided over last year and six months. So, if you are looking for Blue chip Shares to Buy, you can use this article as a guide. Here in this article, we will discuss the Best Blue Chip Stocks to buy, and not only that; we will be discussing Blue chip stocks’ features, pros, and cons of investing.

Is it good to invest in blue chip stocks for long term?

Apart from these the company also manufactures various accessories like Wall Primer, Wood Primer, Putty and Stainers etc. The company has a state-of-the-art supply chain system which uses cutting edge technology to integrate all its plants, regional distribution centres, outside processing centres, and branches in India. They also have a big and experienced R&D team that has successfully managed to develop High-end exterior finishes and wood finishes in-house, which was earlier imported into the country. These products are currently marketed under Asian Paints Elastomeric Hi-Stretch Exterior paint and Asian Paints PU wood finish respectively. Their product range includes Automotive Paints, Decorative Paints, Industrial Paints & Ancillaries – A range of ancillaries like primers, fillers stainers, and a lot more.

The primary product is coal, but it also produces coking coal, non-coking coal of different grades for multiple uses. The company has also been ranked as India’s top 10 most valuable brands in a survey conducted by Brand Finance and Economic times published same. The cash flow from operating business activities has been increasing, which is another good sign. It has a high TTM PE, and so is the TTM EPS, and both are growing as well, which signifies the company’s potential. The research and development team of Asian Paints works tirelessly to bring in new advanced ways of painting your home or cars or industrial machinery. The Kotak Mahindra shareholders earned around 15.39% in the past six months.

  • Chirag currently leads the Marketing function at Samco Group and overlook all marketing and communications for the Samco Group.
  • The TTM EPS growth over the last few years also suggests the firm’s potential.
  • Although the trading mechanisms, trading hours, and settlement procedure are different on one exchange, they are all the same on the other.
  • No worries for the refund as the money remains in investor’s account.
  • They can not continue to grow at the same pace and hence can’t give similar returns as they used to give in the past.

Additionally, it takes corporate and public deposits and provides its clients with a range of financial services products. The Government of India and Suzuki Motor Corporation , a Japanese company, inked a joint venture agreement. In India In 2002, it dominates the market for passenger cars. The Company has grown to become SMC’s largest subsidiary in terms of both production output and sales.

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Honestly speaking, it is not easy to define a general term like it. As per the blue chip stocks meaning, If the market value of Blue chip stock companies is more than $5 million, it will be listed under the blue chip stocks list in India. Sorting by market cap allows you to avoid smaller companies with higher risk. You can also sort using valuation multiples like price to earnings (P/E) and price to book value (P/BV).

When you read the topic, a question comes up, like “What is this emerging bluechip now? ” Well for those of you who don’t understand the meaning of ‘emerging blue chips’, we will help you with it. Moreover, we won’t be just discussing the meaning of it but we will also provide you with the list of chart-toppers in this segment. It is advantageous to trade in an order-driven market because it provides more transparency by showing all buy and sell orders placed in the trading system.

blue chip stocks list in india

But stocks of a few blue chip companies have corrected much more. Before you trade in Blue Chip Companies, you need to understand these companies’ valuation or market capitalization. It is engaged in different segments of banking and other financial services. Kotak Mahindra Bank has it all, from commercial to investment banking to stockbroking.

ET Stock ScreenersTop Score Companies

For the past three quarters, the revenue has been growing. It also offers a wide range of insurance products, loans, and asset management services. The book value per share of the company has been improving for the past two years. The company has been providing positive returns after recovering from a sluggish period in the past six months. It was built to encourage homeownership by providing financial support on a long-term basis to the homeowners. At present, ICICI Bank is one of the leading banks in the private banking sector.

While blue chip stocks tend to be a safer investment, they don’t usually rise considerably in value over a short-time frame unless you can scoop them up at a discount during a downturn. This means that blue chips are long-term investments or used to provide an ongoing incoming through dividends. Blue Chip stocks tend to be among blue chip stocks list in india the most valuable stocks in the market. The term is derived from the game of poker where the blue chip is the most valuable chip. Blue Chip stocks usually gain their status by virtue of their consistent performance for many years in the market. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best Indian blue chip stocks.

SBI is a multinational corporation, and its presence can be noticed in 32 countries. Blue Chip India share price saw a 52 week high of Rs 0.45 and 52 week low of Rs 0.30. Here is the list of the 10 best blue-chip stocks to buy in India 2022. Companies that have performed well fundamentally are more likely to see their stock prices gain too.

Blue chip companies are large and well-established companies with a history of consistent performance. The author has over 9 years+ experience in media, traditional and digital marketing. Chirag currently leads the Marketing function at Samco Group and overlook all marketing and communications for the Samco Group.

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd

HCL Technologies is an Indian worldwide data innovation benefits and consulting firm based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It began as an inventive work division of HCL and originated as a free organization in 1991 when HCL entered the product administrations sector. HCL is the best Blue chip stock in India and a famous investment option.

The term ‘blue chips’ became popular after he wrote an article where he used ‘Blue chips’ to refer the stocks trading at a price of $200 or more. Nevertheless, his investment style is totally different from that of mine. Gaurav loves to invest majorly in mid-caps and small-cap companies which can grow at a fast pace. On the other hand, I like investing in a diversified portfolio. It’s better to invest in growth stocks with huge upside potentials.”, Gaurav argued energetically. Check out our video on how to evaluate and build a solid portfolio of thebest blue chip stocksin India.

So a comparatively slower but reasonable future growth is something which they can deliver. If one wants to invest in a blue-chip stock, attention must be given to future growth prospects and price valuation. Then you need to consider the profit and profit margins for the past five years at least to check whether the company is consistent with its return or not. The reason for investing in this stock can be rising net cash flow, and the primary cash flow comes from operating activities. There is also a low debt ratio in this firm, another added benefit.


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