How to Create a Free Website on Google? 3 Ways You Can Do That!

Anyone can establish a blog in minutes because all the technical hurdles have been removed for newbies. Enter your blog post title and article, and add images just like you do with a word processing tool. is Google’s one of the oldest platforms, which allows its users to create and run free blogging websites. I would recommend you have your blog using wordpress. Link building is the most effective way to increase your search traffic. Although link building is hard for most beginners, try to write guest posts for other blogs in your niche to build natural links. But you can rank for long-tail keywords such as “create a free blog on blogspot”, “start a new blog on Blogger”, “how to create a free blog” etc.

  • First of all, go to the story setting and link Google Analytics and Adsense to earn revenue and trace your traffic.
  • For the rest of this article, we will focus on how to set up a blogging website using WordPress as the platform.
  • This will help if you want to optimize your blog homepage, loading speed and you can set up who can comment on your blog on this section.
  • So, even if the links do not return link value, it helps in indexation of your content faster.
  • It is an open-source project and has a large and active community of developers and users who contribute to its development and provide support.
  • Increasingly, blogging has become a lucrative business opportunity.

Reddit has over 100 thousand active communities for almost any niche, making it a great platform for finding your target audience. The first step is to ensure that you incorporate social media into your own blog. Readers who find your content interesting or valuable may want to follow your social media accounts and share your blog content with others. Before you publish the blog post, hit Preview to make sure everything’s in order. For example, check that the blog post title isn’t too long and that all paragraphs and images look as intended.

Shared Hosting

Google Adsense has clear guidelines and policies for obtaining a Google Adsense account. Let me tell you that even if you follow the guideline strictly, there is no certainty whether your site will be approved by Adsense or not. Since your number is visible from the Google Business listing, customers will get your number easily and drive more call and meet them or talk with them. The website you created with Google Business is responsive, it will look great on every device whether it’s a desktop computer or a smartphone or a tablet.

Most importantly,you should change your blog’s templateas the default one is generic and not much good. You can set up your custom domain there instated of free subdomain. adsense will approve on assamese blogs also.

Increasing the PageSpeed of your blog provides Google muchmore time to crawl and indexyour blog posts. My recommendation would be to take the site down and start over fresh with unique, compelling, and high-quality content that you spend time working on. Make something awesome, don’t just make a website. Apart from social media sites, there are other popular sites where you can create profiles on them and get a link back to your site. Below are some of the sites, where you can create profile links. The crawl rate of Google on popular social media sites are high. So, even if the links do not return link value, it helps in indexation of your content faster.

how to create a blog free on google

They also have different setup and customization processes. Ideally, readers should know your niche from the blog title. For this, consider using relevant keywords. For the rest of this article, we will focus on how to set up a blogging website using WordPress as the platform. Most self-hosted platforms don’t offer customer support. So, you’ll need to rely on your hosting provider or community support.

Steps to create a free blog on Jimdo

Plus, the stories must not be left incomplete. If you are mentioning five tips in your title, make sure you narrate all five, you can add links for further details but you cannot leave a story like this. You can even monetize it via Adsense, Ad manager, and Display Ads.

Steps to Create a Free Blog on Yola

Now we learn how to publish some posts and pages in our Blogspot blog that carry traffic to your blog. Have you ever delete some popular posts from your blog? When people visit your deleted post link which does not exist. To fix this you can set any custom text or message for them instructing them to read your other post. Post Editing and publishing are very simple. Post editor has all the essential tools for writing a good post. You can easily edit modify everything with the help of the post editor.

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