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While purchasing such products, you can give extra weightage to the features of the same so that you end up making the right purchase. Moreover, a bit of research about such products can optimise your buying decision. The sleep pattern of the tiny pearl will change within days after birth. But still waking 1-2 at night is a normal sleep pattern for babies. It’s important to give kids a lot of different kinds of healthy food, even if they don’t like their taste. Kids who eat a variety of foods are more likely to be healthier than adults because they can get all the nutrients and vitamins their body needs. Health is the condition when a kid is fit mentally, physically, and socially.

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Normal bowel movements of the baby also indicate that he/she is having the required quantity of milk. The newborn may be having frequent bowel movements as compared to a 4-6 month-old baby, because around this time they are introduced to solid food. Your bundle of joy will bring happiness and contentment to your life. But the coin has another side waiting for your attention – the challenges of becoming parents to a newborn.

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We hope that this booklet will help Neonatologists, Paediatricians, Obstetricians, Family Physicians, & other health care providers to give uniform & standard to their patients. • Since a toddler can eat solid foods, you can give them infant single-grain cereal mixed with formula. Here are some tips to take care of your girl child through her growing years for good health and overall well-being. As the baby grows and reaches the 6-month milestone, try to speak to her through body language and signs. So, you will make your baby less prone to clinginess if you try to delay reaching out to her every time she cries. Instead of feeling frustrated about your diminishing social life, it is time to act maturely and understand the demand of the present and go according to the flow. Every phase in life is an important one and parenting is a milestone in life that should be enjoyed to the fullest.

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That’s due to a combination of a lack of sunlight and not getting enough vitamin D in their diet.” Ghosh says. All you need to do is soak some sunshine up for 20 minutes a day. Perhaps the most important education of all – you can shape your baby’s music taste. Researchers now estimate that only half of IQ is down to genes – the rest is influenced by a baby’s environment.

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• When a girl enters her late teens, low-fat dairy products, calcium-rich foods, milk, beans and other nutritious alternatives will be good for her. Since most girls are susceptible to eating disorders during this time, it is important to keep a check on your child’s diet for better health and fitness in the years to come. Once the child is 6 months old, parents can gradually introduce safe and nutritious solid foods. However, breastfeeding should continue up to 2 years of age or beyond. Breast milk provides energy and important nutrients to a child in their initial also contributes to the overall development of a child for a happier and healthier life.

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