What is a Product Innovation Strategy? Definition and Examples

They could either purchase the manual reel mower that relied strictly on muscle power to mow the lawn, or they could purchase a powered lawn mower that used motor power to cut the grass. For example, at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, the electronics company LG introduced a new type of screen that’s so flexible you can roll it up like a newspaper. This used to be the realm of science fiction movies, but now it’s a real product that could become readily available to everybody in a short time. The company is a leading global multi-industry engineering provider of technology, product innovation and strategic consulting. Most of the times, process innovation is performed either within the equipment used, either within the technologies used for developing the product or even within the methods used by the employees. Product innovation that deals with the development of new products and new technologies.

Product Innovation meaning

The most widely accepted definition for product innovation is creating and introducing something new to the market. It could be anything, including new products and services, processes, and incremental improvements to existing products. However, people usually refer to new and improved products when talking about innovation. Apple’s innovation strategy involves introducing exciting new products and improvements and using innovative business models for maximumproduct success. It utilizes both radical and incremental innovation to its advantage and focuses on product design and functionality.

What happens after you achieve product market fit?

For products to be adopted at a large scale, they have to be straightforward, easy to understand, and easy to use. Just like NPD, this one is a high-level approach you should keep in mind as it involves a strategic, organization-wide process.

Putting the right price on your products means that the scales will tip in your favor and more consumers are likely to buy your products. Therefore, it can’t be denied that product innovation is the future of all industries. It is the base that will affectthe innovation cultureof every manufacturing unit. Thus, for every rising industry, an institution will shape the futurewith utmost perfection. The best products are always elegantly simple, and simplicity might just be the hardest thing to achieve.

Product Innovation meaning

Find out what people think of the pre-existing products that are similar to yours. All things being equal, buyers will take as much time as necessary before they move loyalties. If your product innovation has made them your loyal https://globalcloudteam.com/ customers, then there are very lesser chances that they will shift their loyalties. Apple is successful with iOS because it is addressing the issue of a majority of the population and improving its products from time to time.

How To Make Innovative Products

This will help joining the dots between where you are now and where you aim to be a lot easier. It’s important that you create enough space to allow for brainstorming and innovating what is product innovation around your products. This helps to avoid stagnation and keep ahead of your competition. This time pick your target customers and find the most profitable way to launch.

Product Innovation meaning

The complicated and complex story of Nokia perfectly depicts that the action you take on product innovation can make or break a company. It can easily become your worst enemy or the most powerful tool that keeps the business afloat and supports their growth. When Apple took the world by storm with their smartphones, Nokia was not able to catch up.

What is Product Innovation and Why is it Important?

Continuous improvement in this sector aims not to perfect a product, but to keep it up to scratch with current market requirements and/or get an edge on the competition. As touched on earlier on, new product development is tricky to get right. Anyone can launch a product, but very few people can do it successfully. All these costs add up, and given we live in a world fundamentally driven by the dollar it’s no surprise that some products will end up getting pulled because of costs. Gaining a clear understanding of the market, the consumers, and your competition will grant you an enormous advantage when it comes to a product launch. An important lesson in product innovation that Apple doesn’t seem to have learned – consider the features your customers want, rather than need.

Mostly, you can do that by monitoring the market and listening to the Voice of the Customer, learning what consumers are saying about existing products. Data-driven market research, in the form of Sentiment Analysis and Social Listening, can help you get into the minds of your potential customers and respond to their needs. Leading companies have a balanced portfolio that mixes niche products, entirely new developments and improved products. But what makes these products innovative – and why are 95% of new products failing? How are some companies succeeding at bringing these innovations to the market and why others fail? Today, we’ll try to answer these questions and see what the factors contributing to successful product innovation are.

A recent study revealed that 84% of executives believe innovation is critical to their growth. Yet only 6% felt they knew what their exact problems were, and how to solve them through research and design. In addition, 80% of those surveyed felt their business was at risk because they lacked clarity on the how, what, and why of product improvement. Developing a product innovation strategy gives you this clarity and ensures you maintain your innovation and design momentum.


There are several contributing factors that enable growth and those that get product innovation right reap the benefits on a long term. However, some caught up pretty fast and as we’ve seen in recent years, Apple lost market share in front of Samsung. In turn, they have grown by adding other products and services, like iCloud, Apple Music and different earbuds and headphones.

  • For example, when the gas and electric-powered lawn mower came out, it made mowing lawns a little less manual.
  • Secondly, the development costs which you can’t recover if you’re not able to get a high enough profit margin, or wide enough adoption for the product.
  • People talk about product innovation every day without even realizing it.
  • Their dedication to constant innovation and design that hits the mark with buyers never seems to falter.

Apart from the fulfilment of real needs, another strategy for successful product innovation is the uniqueness and superiority of your product from your competitors. Companies can do primary or secondary market research when initiating their product innovation process. The aim is to gather as much information as necessary about the tastes and preferences of potential consumers and any existing market gaps. When this happens, improvements have the opposite effect and innovation initiatives backfire. Feature creep happens when excessive expansion or features are added to products. It mostly happens with computer software and consumer and business electronics.

What are the 5 levels of product?

This can be easily observed at the new characteristics and pieces that are added at each new iPhone. Product innovation can be classified by degree of technical novelty and by type of novelty in terms of market. Technical product innovations include the use of new materials, the use of new intermediate products, new functional parts, the use of radically new technology and fundamental new functions. Classification by levels of novelty include new only to the firm, new to the industry in the country or to the operating market of the firm, or new to the world. Have systems in place for launching, testing, and measuring success. It’s also wise to ensure that your existing customers can transition seamlessly into using any new products or features to avoid user downtime and loss in revenue from cancelled subscriptions.

Test the Product

Both the first Macintosh, Macintosh 128k and iPhone, also called iPhone 2G are products that changed the game and revolutionised the industry. We all love juicy product innovations from big brands – but secretly more so when there’s a lot of hype…followed by a very public flop. I look towards Apple for examples of many business strategies, and product innovation is one of these. We can all relate to Apple’s relentless product rollouts, each one more interesting than the last. Their dedication to constant innovation and design that hits the mark with buyers never seems to falter.

Overall, the aim of NPD is to screen out those ideas which aren’t feasible, profitable or attractive to consumers. If at any point the product is found to be lacking, it will need altering or discarding. Another factor that’s related to, but not directly synonymous with cost, is pricing.


Product innovation refers to the creation and introduction of a product or service that is new to the market or a substantial and novel iteration of an existing product. It includes improvements in components and materials, incorporated software, technical specifications, and other functional characteristics like user-friendliness. Product innovation is how brands like Apple and Tesla have achieved huge commercial success.

Jobs To Be Done and Blue Ocean Strategy are frameworks that will help you focus on providing value and decrease production costs. Sometimes it’s not enough to just ask yourself as your biases might hinder your judgment. Go further and look into the jobs to be done theory and make sure your product is performing a job customers need done.

Design Thinking Training at MIT ID Innovation

We know product innovation is not a walk in the park, but with hard work and commitment you can get better at it. There are also other types of innovation you can look into and plenty of resources we provide for those who want to make more innovation happen in their organization. For an in-depth look at the types of innovation and how to make it happen, download our ultimate guide to innovation.

Let’s take the example of Nintendo, a company lost in the red ocean of console games that couldn’t keep up with all the technological advances in the industry. Instead of giving up, they captured the attention of a new, more casual audience, drifting away from the hard-core gamers everyone in the industry had focused on for decades. So Swatch took over a market once dominated by Japanese companies like Seiko or Casio. They repositioned themselves and created a fashionable line of swatches. Traditional watches also found a new market as the Swiss companies created the demand for luxury watches turned collectibles and long-term investments.

Seeking to find new ways to provide value to your current and potential customers is critical, and should drive your product innovation. From LED bulbs to Eyeglasses, everywhere, brands have made successful innovations. Therefore, product innovation is not just developing a new product; a business can improve the quality of pre-existing products and call it product innovation. Product innovation refers to the creation and introduction of a good or service that is new to the market or an improved version of a previous product.

As HBS reports, when Sony entered the market, the real gaming war began. The PlayStation release in 1994 turned Sony into the biggest rival of Nintendo and Sega, companies dominating the gaming industry until then. It’s important to look at products through the lens of jobs to be done because it can broaden your business horizons and help you identify new opportunities that others haven’t already tackled. Their approach includes a set of tools and frameworks that enable companies to capture “blue oceans” which are the unexplored areas of the market.


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